Consumer trends consist of eating fewer foods with gluten and choosing for vegan products that are rich in protein. At the same time, manufacturers are looking for alternatives to meet consumer needs and retaining their product quality, in this case pasta. Avebe’s solution to this is Solanic® potato protein.

Potato protein replacing egg whites in pasta

In quality egg pasta Solanic® proteins can be used to replace the functionality of egg whites. The thermal gelation of potato proteins provides binding and improved bite.


Gluten-free pasta

The texturing effect can also be used for gluten-free pasta where high-protein flour (durum or semolina) is replaced by the right formulation of Solanic®As no standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution exists, tailored recipe development in combination with other ingredients is required. Gluten-free pasta is one of many potato protein gluten-free food applications. With Solanic®, pasta obtains the right binding and bite.

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