Avebe has a long history of supplying high quality ingredients to the snack industry. To serve the snack industry even better, Avebe introduced a line of specialty ingredients, which are able to provide a wide range of textures and possibilities to extruded, sheeted, fried, baked and coated snacks.

Follow consumer snack trends and divers by innovation

Snack food manufacturers are innovative to satisfy the ever changing demands of their customers. The time to develop creative ideas into new products ready for market launch becomes ever shorter. Avebe helps to create new snack products and make your development process more efficient.

Avebe offers a wide range of native and modified starches, able to facilitate the processing and improve the texture of your snacks. Avebe’s know-how of snack manufacturing is based on experience, partnerships and close cooperation with our customers in the snack industry. On a daily base we work together with our partners and customers on innovative inspiring concepts for the snack industry.

Coated nuts

Coated nuts are highly appreciated by consumers. They do not want to compromise on taste. In coated nuts Avebe has identified an innovative wave of new enjoyable coated nuts products in the shelves in the supermarkets, a result of Avebe’s innovative Eliane™ ingredients.

In fried coated nuts high expanded, delicate textures can be obtained with Eliane™. When coated nuts are prepared by baking, the finished products often have a hard shell and from consumption point of view a low appeal. With Eliane™ highly appreciated baked coated nuts can be produced with delicate textures. Besides the enjoyable texture also the fat content is reduced to the minimum.HeartShapedSnack


Native potato starch of Avebe is used in the snack industry to provide expansion and crispiness. Besides that, Paselli™ and Eliane™ instant starches are used for process ability, binding, expansion and texture reasons. With our innovative Eliane™ ingredients Avebe is able to offer new textures and shapes. This enables snack manufacturers to development new appealing snacks. With Eliane™ cook up starch, lighter, delicate textures with controlled expansion can be obtained. Also frying at lower temperatures is one of the many possibilities. Especially in wet fried snacks the texture can be positively influenced by adding a soft touch to the expansion which results in a lower bulk density with higher consumer appeal.FriedCoatedNuts


Baked potato chips are often reconstituted potato snacks. The difficulty here is the relative hard texture as a result of the baking step. The expansion behaviour of baked snacks is completely different to that of frying. With Eliane™ and Solanic™ enables the snack manufacturer to produce clean label baked potato chips with basic equipment, with an appealing crispy texture. Besides the enjoyable texture also the fat content is reduced to the minimum.


Paselli™ and Eliane™ enables snack manufacturers to create high appealing pops with an excellent crunchy crispy balance. No toothpick, clean label and delicate texture, resulting in a highly consumer preferred snack

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