Our solutions

Thank you for being interested in our latest product innovations! Our ingredients encourage you to develop, reformulate reduce costs and improve your food products’ taste, texture, stability, and convenience. Make it clear, shiny, soft, creamy, crispy, or light. We deliver solutions that resonate with both manufacturers and consumers. Not only do our potato-based ingredients have a lower CO2 footprint than other commonly used ingredients, but they are also free-from allergen labelling (according to EU legislation), vegan, and non-GMO certified.

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感谢您对Avebe产品创新的关注!无论您的具体需求是新品开发、现有配方的升级或是实现更低的配方成本,相信 我们的产品和方案都将给您带来全新的方向,帮助您更快实现在口感、质构、稳定性和便利性上的创新,给您的 产品带来或透明、或光亮、或柔软、或酥脆、或高脂感、或轻盈蓬松的质构。我们提供的创新方案将同时有益于 食品生产者和终端消费者,因为以马铃薯为原料的淀粉,纤维和蛋白产品,不仅拥有更低的碳排放,而且不含过敏 源、非转基因,更是关注可持续性发展和植物基方向的首选。