Tailor made solutions for processed and imitation cheese

Processed cheese and imitation cheese have versatile demands like high or restricted melt, stretch, elasticity, good shredding characteristics and unique manufacturing environments. These demands and requirements are extremely challenging and ask for knowledge and flexibility!

Technical advantages and cost saving

Although processed and imitation cheese do not naturally receive the appreciation it deserves: it has certain technical advantages over traditional cheese including longer shelf life, decreased tendency to separate upon cooking or melting and a uniform look and physical behavior. Next to these advantages it offers considerable cost saving opportunities.

Our potato starch based solutions

Avebe offers potato starch based solutions that help our customers to fulfill their needs and requirements. Our innovative Perfectamyl™- and Perfectagel™- range combined with our technical expertise ensures that we can support you in the best way.

In summary Avebe offers versatile solutions for:

  • Slices, blocks and shreds
  • Stretch, elasticity and virtually all levels of melting
  • Spectacular cost savings by the highest protein replacement levels in the market
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