Create delicious plant-based dairy products with potato

Plant-based dairy-like textures, excellent taste

The market is growing as consumers seek out plant-based, sustainable and more natural alternatives. You can create irresistible plant-based dairy-like textures with our potato starch and potato protein. Our ingredients deliver neutral taste, clean appearance, smooth texture, clean label and are easy to process.


Enhancing a rich and creamy taste

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to yogurt. Consumers seek out allergen-free, sustainable and healthy food products with clean ingredients and recognizable textures.

Perfectasol™ is the first choice for your plant-based dairy-like textures ensuring a rich, creamy and full mouthfeel.

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Cream cheese

Spreadability without adding significant costs

A good cream cheese is rich, soft, mild, and spreadable. It’s right there in the name: cream cheese is creamy.

Perfectasol™ the perfect texturizer for creamy and spreadable plant-based cheese products.

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Give your customers the creaminess, texture, and delight they expect

Delicious desserts should feel like a treat. Give your customers the creaminess, texture and delight they expect.

Perfectasol™ is the perfect texturizer for rich, creamy plant-based desserts with a great full mouthfeel.

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Plant-based dairy with Perfectasol™
Don’t just make great food. Make food Good.

The idea that food can be ‘good’ – creating a plant-based, clean label product with an original-like taste & texture – and still be profitable, scalable and marketable. We’re here to support you! Want to learn more? Get in touch with our experts

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Discover all our clean label and plant-based solutions

Food manufacturers can create the best-tasting, healthy, natural and ‘free from’ food products without compromising on taste and texture. Our clean label, plant-based potato starch and protein can mimic every texture, are low cost-in-use and easy to process in existing equipment.