Mung bean starch replacement in glass noodles

Glass noodles originate from the mainland of China. The Chinese word for glass noodles means winter noodle and traditionally these transparent noodles were made during the winter season; freezing the noodles is an important step in its manufacture.

Replacing costly mung bean starch

Mung bean starch is the most important raw material for glass noodles, but costly and irregular supplied. Therefore, Avebe offers a mung bean starch replacement based on potato starch. This starch is widely used and performs very well in replacing mung bean starch. Substituting potato starch at high levels results in glass noodles that retain its typical characteristics – high transparency with smooth and elastic texture. Depending on the target quality, various level of usage can be applied ranging from 10-95% to the mung bean starch weight.

Benefits for glass noodles

Next to native potato starch, Avebe has developed special potato based Selectamyl™ D 20 to suit various requirements for glass noodles. This product has multiple benefits such as:

  • Improved processability
  • Cost saving
  • Excellent clarity
  • Reliable alternative to replace mung bean starch
  • Smooth and elastic texture
  • Short preparation time (especially for instant glass noodles)
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