In the past years, non-traditional food ingredients were introduced to the oriental noodle manufacturers.

Starch, the indispensable ingredient for noodles texture improvement

Potato starch based products, in particular, have been widely accepted as ingredients with special features that give new opportunities in noodle product development, for example instant fried noodles. The most common noodles are based on flour. These “flour” noodles have a clear, pale yellow colour. The other category of noodles is the transparent, or so-called glass noodles or mung bean noodles. The main difference between the categories, apart from the appearance, is the continuous phase of the products: the gluten network in the former and retrograded starch in the latter. Wheat flour, for example, contains approx. 10-13% protein. During processing or preparation the proteins denature, giving the noodle its stability and texture.

The feature of glass noodles, however, is largely determined by the complete gelatinization of starch and retrogradation of the starch.

Potato starch

Of course, other ingredients like alkaline products, polyphosphates and eggs can also play a role in the final product-quality of each noodle type. Avebe is a leading supplier of starch and derivatives to the noodle industry. Our potato based starches are widely used to provide unique textural qualities to a variety of noodles. We continue to solve customer problems with our deep understanding of noodle-making technology coupled with decades of R&D experience in starch chemistry and starch-based food systems.

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