PerfectaSOL D520
The Game-Changing
Plant-Based Cheese for Vegan Pizza Lovers

“Cheese made from plants. No cow required”

A growing and demanding consumer market craves a plant-based cheese product that satisfies and delivers as well as it’s animal based counterpart.
Avebe’s deep well of knowledge can produce the perfect plant-based cheese to satisfy those demands.

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Plant-based pizza toppings

The supurb cheese topping is melty and stretchy. PerfectaSOL D 520 is the perfect texturizer, providing properties e.g. emulsification and gelling. With this ingredient, it is possible to deliver a plant-based version to your consumers that is free-from allergen labelling*, animal friendly, and to replace modified starches and label unfriendly hydrocolloids. And all the while maintaining a neutral taste and white color, allowing you to adjust to the consumer’s needs.

*According to EU-labelling legislation 

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Learn how top manufacturers made perfect melting, stretchy plant based cheese

Get inspired by our case studies! Based on cases from top manufacturers, learn how they made that perfect, melting stretchy plant-based cheese. This e-book also includes insights about the latest plant-based cheese trends and why the potato is the right and unique (sustainable) solution.


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Taste, stretch & melt! Find out why PerfectaSOL is the best ingredient for creamy and stretchy plant-based cheese products.


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PerfectaSOL D520, The Game-Changing
Plant-Based Cheese for Vegan Pizza Lovers
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Download more info about PerfectaSOL in plant-based cheese products and learn about unique functionalities it provides for plant-based cheese products.

"Cheese made from plants. No cow required"

Transform your plant-based cheese products with PerfectaSOL. Desired stretch, melt, perfect gelling & emulsification. Discover how we can support you creating your desired vegan cheese texture. Contact us directly.

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