Create excellent plant-based meat with potato

Great texture, more natural & easy processing

The market is growing as consumers seek out plant-based, sustainable and more natural alternatives. With the unique functionality, allergen-free status and low CO2 footprint of our potato products, you can create excellent plant-based meat products.


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Whole-muscle meat

Ideal vegan binder

How to create real meat-like structure and texture in whole-muscle plant-based chicken and beef strips? By using our potato protein. Unique gelation upon heating, excellent binding and cohesion and easy to use. Our ingredients are free from allergen labelling and clean label.

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Take out the meat, not the texture

Consumers seek out great tasting, sustainable and healthy burgers with more natural ingredients and distinct (identifiable) textures. Our potato protein is the first choice for your plant-based burger ensuring an original-like texture, easily replacing egg white and methylcellulose whilst easy to process in existing equipment.

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Chicken nuggets

Plant-based and full in taste

All nuggets are good. But only some chicken nuggets are great. A good plant-based nugget almost tastes like chicken, has the same great texture and is tender and not too juicy. Solanic® is the first choice for your plant-based chicken nugget, taking out the meat, egg white and methylcellulose whilst creating the same binding, cohesion and firmness.

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Give your customers the texture and delight they expect

Eating a hotdog should feel like a treat. Give your customers the taste, texture and delight they expect. Solanic® is the first choice for your plant-based hotdog ensuring original-like texture, low cost-in-use and easy to process in existing equipment.

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Don’t just make great food. Make food Good.

The idea that food can be ‘good’ – creating a plant-based, clean label product with an original-like taste & texture – and still be profitable, scalable and marketable. We’re here to support you!

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Discover all our clean label and plant-based solutions

Food manufacturers can create the best-tasting, healthy, natural and ‘free from’ food products without compromising on taste and texture. Our clean label, plant-based potato starch and protein can mimic every texture, are low cost-in-use and easy to process in existing equipment.