Quality improvement in rice noodles

Rice noodle is very popular in many countries, particularly in Asia. Rice as a base material in noodle making is a good example of diversification from the traditional wheat-flour concept. Rice as a staple food has a major influence in this noodle concept that comes in a variety of types including fresh, dried, steamed and fried.

Processing rice noodles

Manufacturing rice noodles presents a challenge in terms of controlling the textural characteristics of the end product as a convenient instant food alternative. Adding Avebe’s range of potato based starches to a rice noodle formula can result in improved noodle strength and elasticity, sheeting stability, improved binding property, shorter cooking time, lighter colour, a shiny surface, and a translucent appearance.

Quality improvement

Quality improvement is the major challenge to extend the product concept of being modern and convenience instant food. Next to native potato starch Avebe has developed Selectamyl™ D 20 to improve the quality of rice noodle. Selectamyl™ D 20 is a physically modified starch that improves rice noodle processability and texture.

Especially for instant rice noodle, the use of Selectamyl™ D 20 results in rapid rehydration with high elastic texture, slippery mouth feel, clear bite and translucent appearance. Recommended usage level is 10-25% to rice flour.

Benefits for rice noodles

The major benefits of this starch in the quality of rice noodle are:

  • Improved noodle strength
  • Improved processability
  • Shorter cooking time (especially for instant rice noodles)
  • Neutral taste
  • Enhanced noodle elasticity
  • Lighter color and shiny surface
  • Translucent appearance
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