Starch Adhesive

To improve your performance and enable you to produce high-quality products in the most cost-effective way, we provide you with the best and the most comprehensive range of starch adhesive products, formulations, technical service and innovation.

Our starch adhesives

Avebe quality starch adhesives with value added technical support find their way all around the globe. As wallpaper, paper sack, tube winding, envelope, remoistable PVAc and gummed tape adhesive. With over 80 years of experience in the highly segmented adhesives industry and as worldwide partner Avebe delivers quality products in a consistent way to maximise value for our customers.

Key applications

Our starch adhesives have various applications. Read on to learn more.

Wallpaper adhesive

The high viscous Solvitose™ starch wallpaper adhesives dissolve easy, lumpfree, are pH neutral and in line with the latest legislation regarding preservatives. The powder-based Solvitose™ starches are in use as main raw material for wallpaper paste.

Paper sack

The production speed of paper sack machines increases all the time, so demand for high quality adhesives also grows. Solvicol™ paper sack adhesive range is recognized by the paper sack adhesive manufacturer for it’s consistent quality.

Tube winding

Avedex™ dextrins for paper core adhesives ensure good wet tack, fast setting and reliable dimension stability to paper mill cores manufacturers. Dextrin based paper cores adhesives are used to make paper mill cores, carriers for photo films, composite cans, protective packaging and fibre drums, each product having its own specific demands.

Adhesive manufacturers

Avebe delivers a wide range of Avedex™ potato dextrins from high to low viscous, from white to yellow dextrins. Our extensive knowledge and long time experience enables us to keep supporting and help you in developing your formulations.

Remoistable envelop adhesive

Envelope adhesive formulations needs a yellow dextrin that brings high wet tack, visco-stability, application control, light colour and excellent dry bond with fibre tear. We offer the Avedex™ stable yellow dextrins product range of low to medium viscous yellow dextrin ingredients so you can fine tune the price performance to your customers.

Remoistable PVAc

For the production of a good remoisable PVAc emulsion, a protective colloid with good stability, minimal impurities, high quality and reproducable products are needed. Avebes’s yellow potato dextrins deliver these needed qualities.

Aluminium foil

When producing laminated paper aluminium foil for inner cigarette wraps, meeting the high quality demands of the cigarette industry, running trouble free production and having a fast laminating adhesive are important characteristics. Solvicol 1290 delivers with minimal consumption, no synthetic smell and a flexible dry bond the high performance fast adhesive you are looking for.

Gummed tape

For manufacturing water activated, remoistable gummed paper tape high initial wet tack, fast fibre tear and good flow are important characteristics for the ideal gummed tape adhesive. The Perfectamyl™ starch product range was developed to meet these demands.


As you are well aware, billposting requires special products. There is a very big difference between using short or long brush application or application by roller machinery. Avebe recognises these differences, and their consequences for product characteristics. That’s why we developed a special range of Solvicol™ products for bill posting.

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