Strong in starch

Starch is an excellent adhesive when it comes to gluing materials such as paper and creating aluminium laminated paper. Avebe supplies many types of starch thickeners, tackifiers and dextrins directly to end-users, but also to adhesive manufacturers. Formulations become more ‘green’ if starch is incorporated. A range of products can be offered to be blended with all kinds of synthetic liquid dispersion adhesives as PVAC, polyvinyl acrylic, to improve rheology, enhance penetration and bonding, and replace synthetic thickener as polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH).

Below you will learn more about applications of our potato starch based adhesive

Wallpaper glue

The highly viscous Solvitose™ wallpaper adhesives dissolve easily to give lump-free paste with excellent slide and adhesion for wall coverings. The Solvitose™ range provides adhesives for wall coverings based on paper, glass fibre and vinyl textiles.

Paper sack adhesives

The Solvicol® product range offers general purpose solutions for high speed machines and when fast drying is required. Solvicol® EPX (combined with other Solvicol® types) can be offered to replace PVAc in PE lined bags. Key advantages of the cold water soluble range of Solvicol® paper sack adhesives are: low splashing, extended pot life (3 days), excellent visco-stability and a good tack. It dries quickly to allow easy machine cleaning.

Adhesives for paper core and tube manufacturing

Avedex™ dextrins help achieve high crush values in paper mill cores and accurate dimensions for textile tubes,. They ensure good wet tack and fast setting.

Tile adhesive

Starch ethers are formulated within high quality cement based tile adhesives according to all EN norms. They prevent tile slip while improving workability and extended open time.

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