Texturizing with potato protein

With our potato protein you can accomplish optimal texture, mouth feel, stability and appearance in a wide array of food applications. Thanks to a unique isolation technology Avebe can offer native, high performance potato proteins with exceptional texturizing capabilities, named Solanic®.

Emulsification, foaming and gelation

Solanic® potato proteins are divided into two main fractions: Solanic®200 and Solanic®300, with different molecular weight and pI (iso-electric point). Both fractions combine high solubility with efficient emulsification, high foaming and good gelation, provided the conditions incl. pH are right. Solanic®200 exhibits the best solubility and thus functionality in neutral pH systems. For Solanic®300 it is the other way around: it functions best in acidic pH systems.

Potato protein in action

Below short videos give a flavor of the Solanic potato protein texturising capabilities:

Solanic®200; solubility, foaming and gelling:

Solanic®300; solubility, foaming, emulsions and gelling:

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