Fat reduction in soups and sauces

The amount of fat in soups, sauces and dressings can be reduced with Eliane™ GEL 100. This is a potato starch derivative that allows you to create high quality, creamy and indulgent fat reduced soups, dressings and sauces.

About Eliane™ GEL 100

Eliane™ GEL 100 is the next generation fat mimic, made of Eliane™ potato starch. It has unique qualities like a clear appearance and low viscosity. In most European countries it’s named ‘clean label’ because it does not contain any E numbers and therefore E number labeling is not required.

Benefits of fat reduction with Eliane™ GEL 100

The main benefits of Eliane™ GEL 100 are:

  • High quality, chef style products with less fat;
  • Cost optimization;
  • Up to 50% cream/fat reduction;
  • Buttery mouth feel;
  • Excellent flavour release;
  • Works both in powder mixes (cook up) and in UHT processed soups and sauces.
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