Key benefits of Eliane™

  • Excellent, creamy mouth feel
  • Clean flavour, allow taste to shine through
  • Clarity! Better looking, glossy appearance
  • Expansion characteristics in snacks like never seen before
  • Lower gelatinisation temperature
  • Cost savings through lower dosage
These days, food preparation companies are looking for cost-effective ways to produce their product. Yet, quality should be retained at all times. With Eliane™ we offer you a whole new technique that allows food preparation with unique functionality, texture, expansion characteristics and cost saving opportunities.

What is Eliane™?

Eliane™ is our ‘waxy potato’ starch containing more than 95% amylopectin. The potato breed used for this starch was bred in-house by Avebe through traditional well-accepted classical breeding techniques: the traditional way of breeding.

Because we culture our own potato breeds, we are in control of all characteristics of the end product: clean label potato starch. Eliane™ is the first amylopectin potato starch in the world obtained through traditional breeding. Besides, with Eliane™ we offer an environmentally friendly soya and corn starch substitute.

How does Eliane™ work?

Eliane™ allows development of applications where potato starch is not generally used. Think about dairy products, bakery applications and meat preparation. Eliane™ gives a unique twist to the superior functionality that potato starch is renown for: a short, shiny texture. Every product has its own quality requirements, therefore our experts will assist in formulating the right solution for your product.

Read along for key features and application examples of Eliane™ or choose your industry or application to learn more.

Key features of Eliane™:

  • Cost saving through lower dosage
  • Process versatility
  • High consumer appeal through smooth & shiny appearance
  • Ultra high clarity
  • Unique expansion properties in texture formulation
  • Rapid cooking & low temperature food formulation through fast hydration rates
  • Clean and neutral flavour profile

Waxy potato starch application examples:

  • Bakery: Baking stability and visual appeal of instant bakery cream, shiny and clear appearance of fruit filling, high and stable viscosity, smooth texture and creamy mouth feel of instant desserts.
  • Dairy: Thickening properties, smooth and shiny textures, excellent taste profile of drink, set and stirred yoghurts.
  • Meat: High water binding capacity, salt tolerance, clear flavour profile and ideal gelatinisation temperatures to give maximum functionality of whole meat. Texture control, increased water binding capacity, fat binding and controlling cooking yields of emulsified meat. High binding capacity and texture control of formed meat.
  • Noodles: excellent texture, good chewiness, slipperiness and shininess and rapid rehydration with lower water temperature of instant fried noodles. A soft, crispy texture, light colour appearance and easy to be melt in mouth snack noodles.
  • Snacks: controlled oil intake, expansion, crunch and texture possibilities and more health benefits of coated nuts. Enhanced expansion, a softer and crispier bite and reduction of oil absorption upon frying of extruded pellets. Thin yet light and crunchy baked snacks.
  • Soups & Sauces: Improved texture, functionality and taste of new soups, sauces and dressings.
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