Versatile potato starch texturizer: Etenia™

Create new textures with Etenia™

Etenia™ potato starch offers a new way of texturizing and gelling. It is the low-fat, affordable alternative to milk protein. Etenia™ is the ideal ingredient for dairy, bakery and emulsified low-fat spreads.
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What & how: E-number free potato starch

Etenia™ is E-number free and can be declared starch and maltodextrin in Europe and maltodextrin in the rest of the world. The product is easy to add when processing dairy and bakery products or emulsified low-fat spreads. It has unique thermoreversible gelling characteristics, and performs more like hydrocolloids.


Benefits: superb taste and texture, low-fat, clean label, vegetarian, kosher & halal

Potato starch is a superb texturizer. It is the first choice for (new) products that aim for low-fat or low-protein, while ensuring and enhancing a rich and creamy ‘melt in the mouth’ taste. Etenia™ creates guilt-free indulgent products and enables major cost savings in fresh cheese, cream cheese, quark and yoghurt. Etenia™ is the perfect fit for clean label consumer demands, like low or no E-numbers. Finally, potato starch is by its non-animal origin suited for all vegetarian, kosher and halal products.


Applications of Etenia™ potato starch

Etenia™ can be used in dairy and baked goods:

  • Dairy: our potato starch reduces fat while maintaining great taste. It has a stabilizing shelf life and syneresis reduction of fresh cheese. Etenia™ enhances creaminess and reduces fat in ice cream. In fat-free, low- and high-fat yoghurts, it enhances creaminess and texture.
  • Baked goods: Etenia™ can be used in fat reduced cake mixes and doughs.

Key features of Etenia:

  • Creaminess enhancement
  • Mouthfeel/fat replacement
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Dosage levels advantages
  • Hydrocolloid like characteristics
  • Unique thermoreversible characteristics
  • Excellent ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ characteristics
  • Ease of use/processability
  • Sustainable and stable supply
  • Consistency of supply and quality

Potato starch application examples:

  • Dairy: Reducing fat, retaining taste, stabilizing shelf life and syneresis reduction of fresh cheese. Enhancing creaminess and reducing fat in ice cream. Enhancing creaminess and texturizing in fat-free, low- and high fat yoghurts.
  • Confectionary: Chewable and textured fruit chews. Vegetarian, low sugar and low cost gums and jellies.
  • Bakery goods: Cake mixes, doughs.
  • Emulsified low fat spreads
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